LaunchTrends: Venclexta (Wave 1) is the first in a series of syndicated reports designed to track physician perception, uptake, and competitive environment regarding the newly launched chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) drug Venclexta (Roche/AbbVie’s venetoclax). LaunchTrends: Venclexta measures the impact of this novel agent on the relapsed/refractory CLL with del(17p) therapy market following launch, based on a blend of quantitative and qualitative primary research with U.S. hematologist-oncologists. The report evaluates physicians’ current awareness and perception of Venclexta relative to other currently available therapies for relapsed/refractory CLL, current and anticipated use of Venclexta, and promotional activity of Venclexta.

Questions Answered:

  • What are the awareness of and familiarity with Venclexta among hematologist-oncologists?
  • What are the perceived clinical advantages and disadvantages of Venclexta compared with other marketed agents used for treating relapsed/refractory CLL?
  • To what extent is Venclexta currently being used by surveyed hematologist-oncologists? Where does Venclexta fit in the treatment algorithm? What reasons do nonprescribers give for not having prescribed Venclexta?
  • What promotional messages are being employed by Roche/AbbVie?


Market covered: United States.

Primary research: 74 hematologist-oncologists; qualitative interviews with 10 respondents.

Indication coverage: Relapsed/refractory CLL.

Table of contents

  • Venclexta Launch Tracking (US) Wave 1
    • Key Findings
      • Key Findings
    • Benchmarking Venclexta Launch Success vs. the Competition
      • The Vast Majority of Surveyed Physicians Expressed Aided Awareness of Venclexta One Month Postlaunch
    • Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
      • Who Is the Venclexta Prescriber?
    • Venclexta Awareness and Perceptions
      • Unaided and Aided Awareness of Venclexta
        • While Most Surveyed Physicians Were Aware of Venclexta, Some Were Unsure of the Drug's Monthly Cost and Dosing Interval
        • Unaided Awareness of Drugs for the Treatment of CLL
        • Awareness of Venclexta
        • Physician Perception of Venclexta's Approved Indications
        • Physician Perception of Venclexta's Administration
        • Physician Perception of Venclexta's Dosing Schedule
        • Awareness of Venclexta's Price
        • Perceived Price of Venclexta
      • Familiarity with Venclexta
        • Familiarity with Venclexta
      • Sources of Familiarity with Venclexta
        • Venclexta Sources of Familiarity
      • Initial Reaction to and Interest in Venclexta
        • When Presented with the Drug's Clinical Profile, Hematologist-Oncologists Show a Moderately or Highly Favorable Reaction to Venclexta
        • Initial Reaction to Venclexta
        • Interest in Venclexta
      • Impressions of Venclexta
        • Awareness of Venclexta Profile
        • Venclexta Attributes of Which Hematologist-Oncologists Were Unaware
        • Uniqueness of Venclexta
        • Value of Venclexta Characteristics
        • Risk/Benefit Perception of Venclexta
      • Prescriber and Nonprescriber Profiles
    • Venclexta Trial and Use
      • Willingness to Prescribe Venclexta
        • Physician Willingness to Prescribe Venclexta to Relapsed/Refractory CLL Patients with Del(17p)
        • Impact of Select Attributes on Physician Willingness to Prescribe Venclexta
        • Impact of Venclexta's Accelerated Approval Based on ORR Data on Physician Likelihood to Prescribe
      • Number of Patients Currently Receiving Venclexta
        • Patient Share in the Second-Line CLL Del(17p) Setting, Now and in Five Months' Time
        • Patient Share in the Third-Line CLL Del(17p) Setting, Now and in Five Months' Time
        • Venclexta Prescription Rate
        • Venclexta Discontinuation Rate Among Prescribers
        • Reasons for Discontinuing Venclexta Treatment
        • Venclexta Prescribing Practices
        • Treatment Prior to Switching to Venclexta
        • Reasons for Prescribing Venclexta
        • Treatment Selection Following Venclexta Discontinuation
        • Patient Inquiries Regarding Venclexta in Past Month
        • Hematologist-Oncologist Action Based on Specific Patient Inquiries
      • Reasons for Not Yet Prescribing Venclexta
        • Key Reasons for Not Yet Prescribing Venclexta
      • Anticipated Venclexta Use
      • Venclexta Performance on Key Attributes
        • Overall Level of Satisfaction with Venclexta for the Treatment of Relapsed/Refractory CLL with Del(17p)
        • Level of Satisfaction with Venclexta on Key Metrics
        • Physician Rating of Venclexta on Key Attributes
        • Performance of Venclexta on Key Attributes
    • Effectiveness of Face-to-Face Detailing for Venclexta
      • Venclexta Sales Representative Frequency and Reach
        • Last Time of Contact with a Venclexta Representative
      • Satisfaction with Venclexta Sales Representatives
        • Sales Representative Performance on Key Attributes
      • Venclexta Message Recall
        • Positioning of Venclexta Against Other Products
    • Methodology
      • Primary Market Research Methodology
      • Distribution of Hematologist-Oncologists by Region
      • Practice Type
      • Percentage of Professional Time Devoted to Direct Patient Care
      • Years in Clinical Practice
      • Patient Load by Disease Classification
      • CLL Patient Load by Del(17p) Status
      • Primary Practice Location
    • Appendix
      • Abbreviations

Author(s): Dana Gheorghe

Dana Gheorghe, is a senior business insights analyst on the Oncology team at Decision Resources Group, specializing in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and renal cell carcinoma, with expertise in multiple myeloma and metastatic colorectal cancer. Her previous experience includes postdoctoral positions at Imperial College London and the Marie Curie Research Institute. Dr. Gheorghe holds a in cellular biology and biochemistry from the University of Sheffield and a in Molecular Biology from the University of Edinburgh.

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