Diabetes Care Devices | Medtech 360 | Market Insights | Asia Pacific (Supplemental)

Publish date: December 2018

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The Asia Pacific diabetes care device market will grow strongly over the forecast period, fueled by the growing number of diabetic patients in the Asia Pacific region. However, the markets—particularly in China and India—continue to be limited by strong cost constraints that impede the uptake of higher priced products.

This Medtech 360 Report provides comprehensive data and analysis on the current state of the market for diabetes care devices in Asia Pacific across a 10-year period.

Table of contents

  • Asia Pacific (Supplemental)
    • Abstract
    • Version History
    • Diabetes Care Device Market
      • Market Definitions
        • Geographies Covered
        • Products Covered
      • Market Forecast Data
    • Glucose Monitoring Device Market
      • Market Definitions
      • Market Forecast Data
        • Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Devices
        • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices
    • Insulin Delivery Device Market
      • Market Definitions
      • Market Forecast Data
        • Multiple Daily Injection Devices
        • Conventional Pumps and Accessories
    • Appendix
      • Abbreviations

Author(s): Omer Farooq Mohiuddin

Omer Farooq Mohiuddin is a research associate within the Endoscopy Medtech Insights team at Decision Resources Group, specializing in Asia Pacific Diabetes Care Device markets. Omer holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education.