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TreatmentTrends: Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 1-5 ND (US) 2013

TreatmentTrends® are syndicated report series that provide longitudinal information on market dynamics. They provide insight into practice patterns, attitudes and perceptions, and current and projected use of various products. This BioTrends report series provide key details on how U.S. patients in all pre-dialysis stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are managed: early disease (stage 1 and 2), mid-stage disease (stage 3) and late-stage disease (stage 4 and 5 not on dialysis). Two waves of the study published in 2012 in order to observe changing trends.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Understand the CKD patient population:
    - How many patients in each CKD Stage are the physician specialties treating?
    - What referral patterns exist and what are the specialties’ perceptions of these referral patterns?

  • Understand the diagnosis and standard of care for patients with CKD and how therapy decisions differ based on early, mid or late disease:
    - What are the current screening protocols (including labs) and diagnosis patterns?
    - What is the frequency of treatment for related diseases by physician specialty: diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension, cholesterolemia, obesity, anemia, bone and mineral metabolism disruptions, hyperkalemia, hypernatremia?
    - What are preferred first-line agents and drug combinations?
    - What triggers treatment?

  • Understand the satisfaction with current treatment, challenges with treatment, and the unmet needs in the management of CKD:
    - Specifically, how might developmental agents (eg. HIF-PH inhibitors, CTP-499, etc.) be used in these patient populations?


Sample Frame & Methodology:

- 45-60 minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback completed by 250+ US physicians (100 nephrologists, 100 primary care physicians, and 50 endocrinologists)

Screening Criteria:

- In practice between 2 and 30 years

- Over 50% of time spent on patient care

- For nephrologists: minimum of 100 CKD-ND patients under management, with at least 50 patients in each Stage of CKD

- For endocrinologists and PCPs: have treated at least 200 total patients per month and a minimum of 50 CKD-ND patients under management


- Final report in powerpoint format

- Proprietary slide deck and frequency tables

- Clients purchasing prior to fielding will have the opportunity to include up to three proprietary questions in each wave

- Responses to proprietary questions will be provided only to those sponsors and will not be included in the syndicated version of the report but provided under separate cover

- Custom ad-hoc analysis available upon request with purchase of the report

- Access to analyst team for presentation or to address questions

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