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ChartTrends: Hepatitis C (US) 2013

BioTrends Research Group is pleased to announce the 2013 publication of ChartTrends®: Hepatitis C in the US. In this report, patient level data is captured from 1,000+ Hepatitis C (HCV) patient records. These patient audits are completed by 200+ physicians (gastroenterologists, hepatologists and infectious disease specialists) who submit between five and seven audits each.
ChartTrends are syndicated reports designed to compare what physicians self-report about disease management to what actually occurs at the patient level. Through an in-depth review of specific patient charts, the audit will capture basic demographic data about each of the patients as well as lab data, medications, and actions that were taken regarding therapy (e.g. brand change, monitoring).

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Quantify HCV patient load and distribution by genotype
    - Understand the demographics of HCV patients including diagnosis, comorbidities, and time followed

  • Quantify the treatment paradigm for the chronic management of HCV and treatment
    - Identify the factors that drive the decision to initiate therapy in patients, treatment discontinuation, and current treatment selection

  • Understand the standard of care for HCV patients
    - Use and frequency of laboratory and assessments; laboratory values and testing results

  • Develop patient profiles for each HCV patient type
    - Understand initiation, switching, monitoring , and discontinuation of treatment among treatment naïve, prior treatment failures, and patients currently undergoing HCV treatment

  • Evaluate physician receptivity to late stage treatments in development for HCV
    - Identify patient types and which treatments are at risk of being displaced by these products


Sample Frame & Methodology:

200+ physicians complete patient audits for between four and seven of their HCV patients currently being treated.

Each patient audit takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete

Respondents will include 100 Gastroenterologists, 50 Hepatologists and 50 Infectious Disease Specialists

To qualify for participation, physicians must meet the following criteria:

- In practice between 2 and 30 years

- Must have at least 25 patients with HCV under management

- More than 75% of time spent in clinical practice

Each patient record must meet the following criteria:

- At least 18 years of age and under 89 years of age

- Have seen a physician at least once within the past year for the management of their HCV

- Genotype 1 or 2/3

The audit is HIPAA certified

* In addition to completing the patient audit, each physician completes a profile survey regarding attitudes, perceptions, and treatment practices


- Final report in Powerpoint format

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics, and cross tabulations

- Database containing de-identified patient audit data in SPSS and/or Excel

- Proprietary question slide deck and frequency tables

- Clients purchasing prior to fielding have the opportunity to include up to three proprietary questions in the physician profile section

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