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TreatmentTrends: Renal Anemia (EU) 2013

This report series covers the management of renal anemia (ESAs oral iron and IV iron) in dialysis and mid-late stage (stage 3 / stage 4) CKD patients from the perspective of nephrologists. BioTrends has been covering the EU Nephrology market since 2007.
This series covers practice dynamics, key product current use and future use projections, importance of product attributes, and perceived product advantages and disadvantages, and beliefs about new products in development for CKD (e.g., oral HIF-PH inhibitors).

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Assess current and anticipated use of renal anemia medications (ESAs, oral iron, IV iron) among dialysis and later-stage (Stage 3 and 4) CKD patients.

  • Assess current and anticipated use of products within each medication class for dialysis and later-stage CKD patients.

  • Understand the importance of various product attributes and the key advantages and disadvantages associated with each product to uncover opportunities and challenges for the key brands.

  • Understand disease awareness issues such as changes in target hemoglobin level, beliefs about when to initiate ESAs, acceptance of biosimilar ESAs, and safety concerns with ESAs and iron.

  • Assess call frequency and message recall for key market players.

  • Understand the perceived unmet needs in the management of renal anemia, as well as familiarity, interest, and likely use of new products in development.


Sample Methodology:

- 45 minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback

- 200+ nephrologists complete the survey, evenly recruited from France, Germany, UK, Italy, and Spain

Nephrologists Screening Criteria:

- In practice between 2 and 30 years

- Minimum of 50 dialysis or 100 CKD-ND (stage 3 and 4) patients under management


- Final report in PowerPoint format

- Trending will be provided for clients purchasing relevant previous reports

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics and cross tabulations can be provided upon request

- Access to analyst team for presentation or to address questions.

- Custom ad-hoc analysis available upon request with purchase of the report.

Report Dates:

- Publish: October 16, 2013

Physician Research:

- 45 minute online quantitative survey with several open-ended questions for qualitative feedback

- 200+ nephrologists complete the survey, evenly recruited from France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain


- EU5

Key Drugs Covered:

- Eprex, NeoRecormon, Aranesp, Mircera, Eporatio, Biopoin Biosimilars (Binocrit, Retacrit / Silapo, Epo Hexal, Abseamed), Venofer, Cosmofer, Ferrlecit / Ferrlixit, Feriv, Hierro Sacarosa Normon, Fermed, Fer Mylan, Monofer, Ferinject, Ferrisat, Tardyferon, Ferrograd

- In development: AKB-6548, FG- 4592/ASP1517, Zerenex, PA21, HIF inhibitors, Triferic (Soluble Ferric Pyrophosphate)

Key Companies Mentioned:

- Akebia Therapeutics

- Astellas

- Amgen

- Janssen

- Keryx Pharmaceuticals

- Many others

Content Highlights:

- Updates: Key Market Events

- Current Therapies and Medical Practice

- Market Landscape Snapshot

- Prouct Perceptions

- Unmet Needs

- Emerging Therapies

- Key Competitors

- Detailing Reach and Frequency

- Brand Messages Recall

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