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TreatmentTrends Ulcerative Colitis (US) 2013

TreatmentTrends® Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a report that covers the treat-ment of UC with an emphasis on the biologic-treated and biologic-eligible patient population in the United States. The report focuses on practice demographics and patient load, the current and anticipated use of biologic agents (both indicated and off-label), perceived strengths and weakness-es of the key brands, barriers to broader usage, sales force performance, perceived value of manufacturers’ patient assistance programs, unmet needs in the UC market and awareness/perceptions of products in late stage development.
TreatmentTrends® are syndicated report series that provide longitudinal information on market dynamics. They provide insight into practice pat-terns, attitudes and perceptions and current and projected use of various products. They evaluate perceived product advantages and disad-vantages, as well as sales and messaging efforts of key market players.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Determine the typical patient load, diagnosis and prevalence of bio-logic treatment among gastroenterologists for UC.

  • Understand how and why biologic use is expected to shift among gas-troenterologists in the next six months for UC.

  • Compare the current therapies in terms of UC market share (current and future) and highlight the leading obstacles to brand growth.

  • Understand the unmet needs in the UC biologics market.

  • Understand the attributes that gastroenterologists feel are most im-portant with the various therapies used to treat patients with UC.

  • Evaluate awareness of products in development and understand which product attributes will be most desirable in future biologic agents.


Sample Methodology:

- 100 gastroenterologists will complete a 45-minute online quantitative sur-vey.

To qualify, respondents must meet the following criteria:

- Board Certified in gastroenterology

- In practice between 2 and 30 years

- Minimum of 30 UC patients under their personal management

- Minimum of 10 UC patients being treated with biologic agents


- Final report in PowerPoint format

- Trending will be provided for clients purchasing relevant previous reports

- Complete set of frequency tables, summary statistics and cross tabulations can be provided upon request

- Proprietary question slide deck: Clients purchasing report prior to fielding will have the opportunity to include up to three proprietary questions

Report Dates:

- Publish: October 16, 2013

- Proprietary question submission: August 5, 2013

Physician Research:

- 100 gastroenterologists will complete a 45-minute online quantitative survey


- United States

Key Drugs Covered:

- Approved: Humira and Remicade

- Off Label: Cimzia, Simponi and Tysabri

- In development: Simponi (golimumab), Vedolizumab and Tofacitinib

Key Companies Mentioned:

- AbbVie

- Biogen Idec

- Janssen Biotech

- Pfizer

- Takeda Pharmaceuticals

- UCB Pharmaceuticals

Content Highlights:

- Updates: Key Market Events

- Current Therapies and Medical Practice

- Market Landscape Snapshot

- Prouct Perceptions

- Unmet Needs

- Emerging Therapies

- Key Competitors

- Detailing Reach and Frequency

- Brand Messages Recall

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