Multichannel Payer Marketing® is an in-depth study of U.S. P&T committee members designed to understand  multichannel behaviors, preferences and needs to inform engagement strategies

The study was fielded among 189 P&T committee members at hospitals, IDNs, PBMs, MCOs and ACOs.

Questions Answered in This Report:

    • What types and combinations of websites, content, platforms, tools and services comprise a meaningful engagement platform for P&T committee members? What do P&T committee members want from pharma versus third party publishers (e.g. Lexicomp, Epocrates, etc.)?
    • Should pharmas build P&T committee members portals? What content and features are P&T committee members looking for in pharma websites? 
    • What level of digital engagement do P&T committee members want with pharma account managers, MSLs and KOLs? What’s the optimal balance of digital resources vs. KAM-driven engagement? 
    • What sort of pharma beyond-the-pill tools and services stand to have the most impact on formulary placement? Are soft-support value-adds as impactful as more stringently validated offerings?
    • How open are P&T committee members to partnering with pharma around data management or custom offerings that can help them meet goals of value and quality?