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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors | Current Treatment | Real World Brand Tracker

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors | Current Treatment | Real World Brand Tracker

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Immune checkpoint inhibitors continue to revolutionize current oncology treatment.  Driven by Decision Resources Group’s in-house oncology experts and robust real-world data capabilities, the Real World Brand Tracker captures U.S. claims data to uncover shifting market dynamics and the impact of events on the immune checkpoint inhibitor space, in order to help refine your oncology brand strategies. We cover every approved immune checkpoint inhibitor for every approved oncology indication and monitor the trends in use and reimbursement dynamics over time.

Questions answered:

  • How is the uptake for individual immune checkpoint inhibitor brands changing over time?
  • Which brand is winning, and how does that vary by indication?
  • How does the dynamic regulatory environment for immune checkpoint inhibitors in the U.S. affect prescribing patterns of currently approved immune checkpoint inhibitors by indication?
  • What is the average claim charge for each immune checkpoint inhibitor brand and how much if the claim is paid?
  • In which type of facilities are patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors?

Table of contents

  • Real World Brand Tracker
    • Real World Brand Tracker January 2016 to May 2018 (ppt)

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  • Pub Date: November 2018
  • Author(s): Andrew Merron, PhD
  • Andrew Merron, is the Therapy Lead for oncology and biosimilars at Decision Resources. In this capacity he is responsible for the team delivering high quality, timely, and relevant insights and forecasts. In addition, Dr. Merron drives the strategic direction of the team, builds and maintains long-term strategic partnerships with clients, and translates domain knowledge into substantial value for the department. Previously, Dr. Merron managed the Biosimilars Advisory Service across therapy areas, and prior to this he was a principal analyst in the oncology group. He has extensive experience in forecasting oncology and hematology-oncology drug markets as well as considerable experience in conducting primary research with physicians and payers. Prior to joining Decision Resources, Dr. Merron received his in molecular oncology from the University of London. His doctorate focused on molecular imaging of cancer immunotherapies, specifically therapeutic oncolytic adenoviruses.

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