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Cybercitizen Health US 2017 | Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers | With Comparison

Cybercitizen Health US 2017 | Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers | With Comparison

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The Cybercitizen Health® US Alzheimer's Disease Caregivers  - Multichannel Study provides you the behavioral and attitudinal research needed to successfully engage and activate your audience across the alzheimer's disease caregivers patient journey.

Questions Answered in This Report:

    • Digital patient journey: How do alzheimer's disease caregivers leverage offline and online resources throughout the patient journey? What's their involvement in decision making? What are the best ways to reach and activate these patients at key decision points?
    • Changing healthcare landscape: How do these patients perceive potential healthcare system changes in the U.S and what’s the expected impact on their health management and affordability?
    • Healthcare costs and pricing transparency: How are costs impacting patient decisions? What are health behavior changes due to increasing health costs? What technologies are used to research costs?
    • Health information consumption: How do alzheimer's disease caregivers read health related news? Do they trust/have confidence in information shared via social media? What are key takeaways to create sharable content?
    • Patient centricity and personalization: What type of customer service do these patients expect in care settings or healthcare industry?
    • Emerging technologies: How will technologies such as AI, machine learning impact information consumption/seeking? (AI, voice search, chat bots)
    • Point of care everywhere (continuous care): What is the ecosystem of continuous patient care outside brick-and-mortar doctors’ offices and hospitals (telehealth, health tracking, mobile use pre and during doctor visits)?
  • Pub Date: July 2017

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