We’re in the very early stages of a technologically driven revolution in healthcare that will see us move from an erratic, episodic mode of care centered on fixed points in time and space—bricks-and-mortar doctors’ offices and hospitals—to one that is continuous, ubiquitous, partially automated, and largely remote. This report looks into the shifting point-of-care and assesses the implications of virtual care.

Questions Answered in This Report:

    • What is the state of play with regard to telehealth adoption? Is there yet substantial consumer and HCP awareness of and interest in telehealth? What are the barriers and drivers? How is the telehealth marketplace evolving? 
    • What are the perceived telehealth benefits? Do virtual visits beget real-world actions?
    • What applications might patient-generated data have beyond lifestyle and wellness? How are patients sharing self-tracked data with physicians? 
    • What vendors are emerging as dominant players in the telehealth market? How might pharma partner with them to facilitate better patient-physician dialogue in virtual consults? What kind of pharma content is needed in virtual visits?