Rheumatoid Arthritis | TreatmentTrends | US | 2015

Publish date: December 2015

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Through comprehensive primary research methods, the TreatmentTrends: Rheumatoid Arthritis 2015 (US) report explores the treatment dynamics among 100 rheumatologists and how these have evolved over the past year. The use of biologic products and Xeljanz prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis is covered in particular detail. The report explores rheumatologists’ awareness, trial, and usage of currently available brands, as well as familiarity with and interest in key emerging therapies.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • The use of biologic agents to treat rheumatoid arthritis has remained relatively constant since 2013. Is there remaining opportunity for novel biologic agents in the crowded rheumatoid arthritis landscape?

  • Brand share may be shifting away from the established tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) inhibitors toward the more recently launched products. How do US rheumatologists anticipate market shares will evolve in the future?

  • With many existing treatments, promotional messages to differentiate rival brands and to educate on how to use new brands become more important in physicians’ prescribing decisions. How are sales teams from the leading RA brands interacting with rheumatologists, and what messages are they delivering for key brands? Which sales representatives excel at conveying information about their respective brand?

  • RA has an active pipeline with many novel treatments and alternative mechanisms of action, and the launch of the first biosimilar agents in the U.S. is on the horizon. How will the availability of biosimilar agents and new RA treatments affect rheumatologists’ prescribing habits?


Markets covered: United States.

Primary research: Online survey of 100 U.S. rheumatologists currently in clinical practice. Respondents spend more than 75% of their time in clinical practice and treat a minimum of 100 rheumatoid arthritis patients and at least 50 rheumatoid arthritis patients with a biologic agent.

Emerging therapies: Phase III: baricitinib, sarilumab, sirukumab, secukinumab.


Author(s): Bingnan Kang, Ph.D.