The TreatmentTrends Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (EU) report explores current trends in the management of CD and UC from the perspective of 250 treating EU5 gastroenterologists. The report covers use and patient share of key CD/UC therapies (both biologics and nonbiologics), perceived strengths and weaknesses of the main brands, barriers to broader uptake, brand representative performance, the product attributes that are most important to gastroenterologists, and anticipated uptake of biosimilars and other emerging therapies for these indications.

Questions Answered in This Report:

  • Established TNF-? inhibitors are still leading in biologic patient share in both CD and UC. How has the launch of newer biologics affected the biologic brand leaders for CD and UC, if at all, in terms of patient share?

  • Improving patients’ quality of life and maintaining their clinical remission are two important factors influencing the prescribing of new drug treatments for moderate to severe CD and UC. What factors should manufacturers consider when developing new therapies for CD and UC?

  • There is strong need for better therapies for both CD and UC. EU5 gastroenterologists commonly perceive Pfizer’s Xeljanz, in development for these indications, as having the most potential to bring value to their practice. Among the forthcoming products for CD and UC, which would EU5 gastroenterologists find most useful?


Markets covered: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Primary research: 250 EU5 gastroenterologists currently in clinical practice, treating a minimum of 30 CD and 30 UC patients; at least 5 patients with each disease must be taking a biological therapy.

Methodology: Gastroenterologists in the EU5 were recruited to complete a self-administered, 45-minute online survey.

Emerging therapies: Phase II: 2 drugs; Phase III: 4 drugs.

Author(s): Elvina Wardjiman

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