Fresno | California | 2019 | Market Overview (Event Driven)

Publish date: July 2019

The opening of a new medical school in 2020 is expected to help alleviate physician shortage issues over time. Fresno is plagued by poverty, and its residents suffer from high rates of asthma and obesity. As the state’s agricultural heartland, Fresno has a unique payer mix, with hundreds of thousands of people reliant on Medicaid, meaning the commerical market has less weight than government intervention. Payment innovation is at a low level because the market has a larrge number of federally qualified health centers serving Medicaid patients. Health systems are focusing on drug compliance, with retail pharmacies inside their facilities and greater utilization of social programs to ensure patients receive drugs and follow-up care to become adherent. Expect population health programs to increase as more partnerships between providers and insurers offer the data needed to make improvements.