BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group (DRG) has announced the launch of Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor, offering biopharma companies an unprecedented level of insight into clinical trials, pipelines, and opportunities within the fast-moving oncology arena. 

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Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor provides a highly customizable, visual dashboard that helps users understand the current and emerging competitive environment and provides answers to highly specific, nuanced questions in oncology. It draws on the deep expertise of DRG's oncology specialists to transform clinical trial data, helping users keep a pulse on the latest advances in oncology.

"Pharma companies need trusted, actionable information to stay on top of the rapidly changing oncology market," said Andrew Merron, Ph.D., Executive Director, Oncology at DRG. "DRG's oncology experts interpret what is the most important data from clinical trials, tailoring the parameters and the usefulness of the data, to reflect the specific needs of companies developing oncology treatments."

A series of filters enables users to quickly and easily customize information on a range of attributes, including: pipelines, trial design, patient recruitment, treatment combinations, primary endpoints, biomarkers, product classes, and companies – and to monitor these trends over time. This versatility allows companies to find fast answers to very specific questions and to create visual heatmaps of activity, revealing areas of potential opportunities for investment.

"The quality and granularity of the data are crucial," said Merron. "Rather than using automated data pulls, the data is generated, harmonized and interpreted by DRG's oncology experts (so that it is accurate and relevant), built by skilled data architects (so that it works), and updated weekly (so that it's timely)."

Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor offers biopharma companies a unique and powerful advantage in several areas:  

  • Understanding evolving markets and monitoring competitive threats to determine lifecycle management strategies for their product portfolios
  • Identifying and evaluating appropriate acquisition targets – users can see which companies are developing novel therapies and review their trial designs
  • Identifying and evaluating appropriate partners (particularly useful for smaller biotechs) – users can assess who's most active in a particular space
  • Understanding the development of biomarker stratification and how biomarkers might be used in clinical trial design to improve their chances of success
  • Identifying new opportunities in untapped markets, aided by the creation of visual heatmaps
  • Learning how competitors are designing trials (recruitment, endpoints, burden) and devising subsequent strategies to challenge and surpass them
  • Evaluating early emerging trends (from Phase 1 trials) over time for long-range forecasting

Visit https://decisionresourcesgroup.com/solutions/oncology-clinical-trial-monitor-developed-drgs-oncology-experts-aid-clinical-decisions-oncology-companies/ to learn more about DRG'S Oncology Clinical Trial Monitor.

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