BURLINGTON, Mass., April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group (DRG), a premier provider of high-value healthcare data, analytics and insights products and services today announced at the AMCP Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting the launch of Healthbase. This new platform combines US healthcare affiliations information with in-depth analysis of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

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As a joint offering with Compile Inc., Healthbase integrates a multitude of structured and unstructured data sources to provide a groundbreaking view of the strength of affiliations within healthcare delivery systems. Using a triple validated methodology driven by machine learning, Healthbase provides the most accurate view of US provider and system relationships alongside comprehensive market context provided by seasoned market access analysts. The new platform is designed to promote more effective communication and tighter alignment across home office market access, field sales, marketing, and account management teams by providing a single-source-of-truth for affiliations data with a corresponding view of IDN behavior and trends.

"We're very pleased with what we have been able to achieve with DRG and the new Healthbase platform," says Isaac Fehrenbach, President of Compile. "Our programs bring together large sets of valuable and accurate information and integrate them in a novel way, offering a highly valuable and comprehensive dataset that users can easily navigate. Pairing this depth of data with DRG's market insight is extremely compelling."

Healthbase also represents an evolution to DRG's IDN Analyzer product by offering a multi-dimensional view of the affiliations ecosystem. With the launch of Healthbase, DRG conclusively brings together corporate market access strategy and field sales activity through robust, granular data, and rapid answers about IDN market control and behavior.

"Every day, we see the challenges of market access teams in understanding where they can focus their resources to make the biggest impact with their customers, no matter whether that customer is a patient, payer, individual physician, or whole health system," says Saurabh Sood, VP, RWE Market Access Solutions. "Healthbase represents the first and only platform specifically designed to meet all the needs of cross functional market access teams by shedding light on both an entity's influence over specific patient populations, as well as the level at which it determines its standards of care."

About Decision Resources Group

Decision Resources Group, a subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Ltd., is the premier source for global healthcare data and market intelligence. A trusted partner for over 20 years, DRG helps companies competing in the global healthcare industry make informed business decisions. Organizations committed to the development and delivery of life-changing therapies rely on DRG's in-house team of expert healthcare analysts, data scientists, and consultants for critical guidance. DRG products and services, built on extensive data assets and delivered by experts, empower organizations to succeed in complex healthcare markets.

About Compile

Compile has expertise in mining and analyzing large, disparate, unstructured datasets to provide business value and insights. Its proprietary data platform has been deployed to solve challenging commercial problems in a variety of industry verticals including consumer, IT, financial services, and now healthcare.  

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