BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group (DRG) has developed a powerful, interactive tool that enables vaccine developers to test the potential of a product in any global market … in less than two minutes.

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The Vaccines Epidemiology Dashboard draws on population data, historical vaccine coverage, and DRG's own forecast algorithm, to generate patient population forecasts, on demand, for every type of vaccine and for every country in the world. To generate a new model, users simply reset the parameters, defining the target population (by age and gender), region/countries, proxy vaccine, target coverage, year of introduction, expected lag time, vaccine efficacy, and expected market share.

Vaccines may be modelled directly, or used as proxies for modelling new market entrants with comparable eligibility and dosing parameters, and include: BCG, DTP, Polio, Hepatitis B (birth dose), HPV, Japanese encephalitis, MCV, rota, and yellow fever. For example, yellow fever would make a good proxy for modeling a new malaria vaccine. For countries without vaccines data, the algorithm will select an appropriate proxy country and apply the proxy's uptake curve to the population data of the chosen country.

The results are presented graphically and in tabulated form. A graph plots the projected size of the populations over time, up to the year 2040, with curves for the selected population, vaccinated population, immune population, and potential market size.

These data-points enable users to:

  • Understand the vaccine landscape and model launch scenarios based on vaccine coverage data
  • Compare assets with comparator vaccine types in a reference country for competitive intelligence
  • Make assumptions about market penetration of vaccines in development
  • Forecast the annualized market size of their assets in any country

"The model was designed to be interactive so that users can very quickly size populations that are eligible for their products," says Nishant Kumar, Senior Epidemiologist, DRG. "If a company is developing a vaccine, they will want to know how many people are eligible, whether there are any similar vaccines, and if so, what is the current coverage. It's very quick to do, because the forms allow you to layer in all of that data."

For more information on Vaccines Epidemiology Dashboard, click here.

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