BURLINGTON, Mass., June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that, in the absence of therapies able to improve long-term outcomes, treatment approaches in Acute Heart Failure (AHF) focus mainly on relieving patient symptoms. Loop diuretics, deemed the most effective in improving common symptoms of AHF such as breathlessness and fluid overload, are the therapy of choice for the majority of surveyed U.S. cardiologists. Nearly all drug-treated AHF patients receive an intravenous loop diuretic first line, and within this class furosemide is the preferred drug for over three-quarters of surveyed cardiologists.

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Other key findings from the Acute Heart Failure U.S. Current Treatment report:

  • Treatment approach does not differ significantly between de novo AHF and acute decompensated heart failure, both in terms of treatment rates and the drug classes used.
  • Because of the heterogeneity in symptoms associated with AHF, optimal treatment is selected on a patient-by-patient basis, and the use of specific AHF drug classes varies depending on patient characteristics.
  • Cardiologists report patient shares for particular drugs within each AHF drug class and provide insights into average length of treatment with each agent.
  • Drug attributes are evaluated on their importance in dictating the choice of therapy for AHF patients, with a clear pattern of most influential factors emerging among cardiologists.

Comments from Decision Resources Group Analyst, Dominika Rudnicka-Noulin:

  • "Treatment of AHF remains challenging, partly because of the heterogeneous nature of this syndrome. Physicians have to make decisions about optimal treatment approach on a patient-by-patient basis."
  • "The high attrition rate of drugs in development for AHF has resulted in a highly genericized market; because the majority of AHF agents are very inexpensive, cardiologists can focus on clinical attributes, such as drug efficacy, when choosing optimal therapy for their AHF patients."

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