BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that rapid hospital consolidation and the continued shift toward value-based health care have pushed enterprise IT solutions to become front and center priorities within US hospital IT purchasing decisions. Despite a traditional preference for enterprise picture archiving and communications system (PACS) technology, health care facilities are increasingly favoring the department- and data-agnostic format of vendor neutral archives (VNA) as their primary means of establishing enterprise-scale IT solutions. In fact, the VNA market will eventually overtake the enterprise PACS market to become the largest enterprise solution segment within the US. These market dynamics are captured in the new Enterprise Solutions report from Decision Resources Group that showcases the size, rapid growth, and interplay of the VNA and enterprise viewer, enterprise PACS, and dedicated image exchange solution markets to 2025.

Other key findings from the Enterprise Solutions report entitled Enterprise Solutions | Medtech 360 | Market Analysis | US | 2017:

  • The VNA and enterprise viewer, and dedicated image exchange solution segments, will grow more rapidly than the enterprise PACS segment, despite strong growth prospects in all three.
  • The product offerings of traditional PACS vendors will become more aligned with the VNA offerings of independent software vendors as greater interconnectivity between hospital departments becomes a top priority, thereby demanding new competitive strategies by vendors.
  • M&A activity is particularly prevalent in this space; larger PACS vendors that do not have robust VNA or image exchange offerings may look to acquire health care IT companies that specialize in these technologies in order to better appeal to evolving customer preferences.

Comments from Decision Resources Group Analyst Benjamin Li:

  • "Health care IT is evolving beyond the traditional emphasis on imaging departments toward encompassing the entire health care enterprise—within entire departments, between departments, and even between affiliated hospitals. As legacy PACS require replacement, an increasing number of facilities will forego replacing these systems with a similar solution. Instead, they will opt to invest in enterprise solution technologies that better manage hospital data and costs in the long run. As a result, the industry is presented with a very significant inflection point, where vendors must pivot and supplement their product offerings now to be better positioned for the future. This report is an essential resource for any health care IT vendor looking for a roadmap of growth opportunities as they navigate through this critical period." 

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