Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, forecasts that citicoline (Indevus Pharmaceutical's CerAxon) will be a welcome addition to the slow-growing acute ischemic stroke market because it is virtually free of side effects and can be administered orally up to 24 hours after stoke onset.

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"When CerAxon becomes available in 2008, it will be the first oral neuroprotective agent for ischemic stroke," said Nancy Macdonald, Ph.D., analyst at Decision Resources. "However, although the drug will grow the market, it only offers modest efficacy-a 5-10% neurological improvement. Its forecast success in the market is a testament to the vast unmet need for stroke therapies."

The new Pharmacor study, entitled Acute Ischemic Stroke, also found that the increase in the number of stroke units in hospitals and clinics will be a key driver in the growth of time-sensitive therapies. rt-PA, a thrombolytic that is limited to use only in patients who are diagnosed within three hours of stroke onset, is poised to be used most often in such stroke units.

Disease Background-Acute Ischemic Stroke

In 2002, there were approximately 1.4 million acute ischemic stroke events in the world's seven major pharmaceutical markets (United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and Japan). Because of the lack of specific pharmacological treatments for acute ischemic stroke, only a fraction of these cases were drug-treated. At less than $1 billion in major-market sales, the acute ischemic stroke market will remain one of the more modest central nervous system markets in the 2002-2012 decade, and will be constrained by the lack of safe and effective agents to treat the condition.

About Pharmacor from Decision Resources

Pharmacor is a unique family of studies based on primary and secondary research conducted by Decision Resources' on-staff experts. Each comprehensive study assesses a host of market-impacting factors and analyzes the commercial outlook for drugs in research and development. Cardium, Cognos, Immune and Inflammatory Disorders, Infectious Disease, Metabolic Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders, and Onkos concentrate on specific therapeutic areas. Mosaic covers high-interest disease states. Acute Ischemic Stroke is a Cognos study.

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