WHAT: WEBINAR (audio and online presentation) --- LOOKING AHEAD AT         2007: Previews, Predictions, and Prophecies of the Biggest Events in         2007 from the Pharmaceutical, Managed Care, and Medical Device         Industries    WHEN: Wednesday, December 13, 2006, 10 AM (U.S. Eastern Time)    PRESENTERS: Analysts from Decision Resources, HealthLeaders-InterStudy,               and Millennium Research Group    TO ENROLL: Please use the link below to register or call Chris Comfort at              781-296-2597  

Decision Resources, Inc. presents a webinar combining the insight of all three Decision Resources Inc. companies: HealthLeaders-InterStudy, Millennium Research Group, and Decision Resources. This webinar will predict the top ten events of 2007 that will impact the pharmaceutical industry based on analysis from Decision Resources, the top ten events that will impact the managed care industry based on analysis from HealthLeaders-InterStudy, and the top ten events that will impact the medical device industry based on analysis from Millennium Research Group.

In this 45 minute presentation, analysts from each company will reveal the details behind which events of 2007 will have the greatest impact in these three important healthcare areas. Questions that will be answered include:

  * Who will have bragging rights to the blockbuster drug of 2007?    * What role will the U.S. government play on the healthcare industry?    * How will the integration of drugs and devices affect the market?    * Will retail-based health clinics be successful?    * Which plan will dominate the Medicare Advantage private fee-for-service     market?    * Which country's healthcare system will be rocked with change?    * Which company will NOT be acquired despite industry rumors?    * How will the FDA affect the drug industry in 2007?    And more!    A question and answer session will follow the presentation. 

To enroll for this event, please use the internet URL below to reach our WebEx page and then click the "Enroll" button next to the event title. Once you complete the brief registration form, click "Submit". https://decisionresources.webex.com/mw0302l/mywebex/default.do?siteurl=decisio nresources&service=6 .

If you have any questions concerning your registration, please contact Chris Comfort at 781-296-2597 or at ccomfort@dresources.com.

About Decision Resources, Inc.

Decision Resources, Inc. is a world leader in market research publications, advisory services, and consulting designed to help clients shape strategy, allocate resources, and master their chosen markets. Decision Resources, Inc., currently oversees three lines of business, the legacy product lines of Decision Resources (www.DecisionResources.com) focusing on the biopharmaceutical industry; those of the wholly owned, managed care- focused division, HealthLeaders-InterStudy (www.HealthLeaders-InterStudy.com); and those of the wholly owned, medical technology and device-focused division, Millennium Research Group (www.MRG.net).

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SOURCE: Decision Resources, Inc.

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