WHAT:         WEBINAR --- Biogenerics 2006: Physician & Payer Acceptance                 Drives Brand Erosion; Sales of Key Multi-Billion-Dollar                 Biologics to Plummet 60% by 2015    WHEN:         September 28, 2006 at 10 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Time)    PRESENTER:    Presented by Andrew Merseth, analyst at Decision Resources    ATTENDEES:    Decision Resources webinars are typically exclusive to                 clients of Decision Resources. But, now for the first time,                 a webinar is open to members of the media.    TO ENROLL:    Contact Chris Comfort at Decision Resources at 781-296-2563                 or ccomfort@dresources.com  

Biogenerics represent an emerging segment of the biopharmaceutical industry that will impact biologic markets more significantly than any other factor over the next ten years. As biologic agents continue to lose patent protection, generic manufacturers and biogeneric start-ups are targeting them in hopes of developing less-expensive but similar agents and capitalizing on the growing use of biologic agents in pharmaceutical markets. These biogeneric products will greatly hurt sales of the branded biologic agents that lose patent protection in the United States and Europe between 2006 and 2015.

  In the 40 minute presentation, Mr. Merseth will discuss:   * Current physician and payer awareness of biogenerics and guidance on the     key communication channels to reach key stakeholders   * Physician requirements for biogenerics and acceptance of biogeneric     agents with various clinical development profiles   * Key differences between physician perspectives in the United States and     Europe and between specialties   * Anticipated physician biogeneric adoption patterns and timelines for     biogenerics in general and adoption profiles for four key biologic     classes   * Patient groups which biogenerics will capture first and where biologic     brands will retain share   * U.S. private payers expected "biogeneric substitution" rates and     anticipated reimbursement strategies for driving adoption   * Impact on physicians' prescribing patterns of payer reimbursement     strategies and cost-containment approaches  

To learn more about this webinar, please call Chris Comfort at 781-296-2597 or email him at ccomfort@dresources.com

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