Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, reports that Fidia, Genzyme, and Bioniche Life Sciences are the top three players in the European orthopedic biomaterials market (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom). This market, which includes hyaluronic acid (HA) viscosupplementation injections bone graft substitutes, autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), and platelet concentration systems, generated over $205 million in 2005.

According to the new report entitled European Markets for Orthopedic Biomaterials 2006, Fidia, Genzyme, and Bioniche Life Sciences all have revenue coming from HA viscosupplementation technologies, a sector that produced the most revenues in the orthopedic biomaterials market in 2005. The HA viscosupplementation segment alone approached a value of $120 million in 2005.

"Fidia extended its market advantage in both the HA viscosupplementation and ACI segments to capture the leading position in the overall European orthopedic biomaterial market in 2005," said Sarit Daniel, senior analyst at Millennium Research Group. "Genzyme followed with significant revenues in both the HA viscosupplementation and ACI markets, while Bioniche Life Sciences was third in the overall orthopedic biomaterials market with its proprietary HA technology."

MRG's European Markets for Orthopedic Biomaterials 2006 report is part of the Global Markets for Orthopedic Biomaterials series, which includes analyses of the United States, Europe and Japan.

About Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation

HA is an injectable substance aimed at restoring the viscoelasticity of synovial fluid. In a normal, healthy joint, synovial fluid acts as a cushion and lubricant. Osteoarthritis causes the fluid to lose some of its features and become ineffectual in performing its original function of absorbing shock. Treatment with HA viscosupplementation injections diminishes a patient's joint pain, while at the same time increasing the mobility of the joints.

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