BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that cancer treatment is rapidly evolving and demand for more than modest incremental efficacy gains in highly competitive markets is growing. In order to try and meet this need, developers are continuing to explore the role of personalized therapies and novel combination treatments. The rise of personalized treatments offers the opportunity for high treatment value despite intentionally targeting niche patient populations defined by physiological status or molecular characteristics of tumors. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are developing novel combination therapies with the potential to deliver multiple commercial opportunities, including protection of existing marketed assets, differentiation from competitors and the possibility for substantial price premiums.

Other key findings from the Spectrum report entitled "From Volume to Value: Personalized Healthcare in Oncology":

  • Reflecting the heterogeneity in oncology and the rise of personalized medicine for cancer treatment, the majority of all pharmacogenomics biomarkers cited in the 'Indications and Usage' section of FDA drug labels are attributed to oncology indications.
  • Dako leads the pack in terms of the number of FDA-cleared or –approved companion diagnostic devices in oncology.

Other key findings from the Spectrum report entitled "Novel Combination Strategies in Oncology: Challenges and Opportunities for Developers":

  • In 2014, the FDA approved 42 percent of oncology drugs in combination with other therapeutic agents.
  • Strategic partnerships between pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies and non-profit organizations may serve to diversify pipelines and ultimately maximize market potential by exploiting the strengths of both sides of the collaboration.

Comments from Decision Resources Group Therapy Lead, Andrew Merron:

  • "Amid spiraling healthcare costs, demonstrating value of oncology drugs is paramount; personalized medicine provides opportunities to achieve value despite narrow labels."
  • "The era of one-size-fits-all chemotherapy treatment is drawing to a close for many oncology indications, and blanket use of chemotherapy across all patient subtypes is being replaced or added to with personalized therapies."

Comments from Decision Resources Group Senior Director Rachel Webster:

  • "In the immuno-oncology era, the field of combination therapy will blossom; however, cost and society's intolerance will hold back its full potential."
  • "Given the complexity of the multiple pathways and aberrant targets that lead to oncogenesis and drug resistance, drug developers are pursuing novel combination therapies as a route to realizing substantial efficacy over monotherapy. However, companies will face tough decisions and challenges on the road to gaining regulatory approval and ensuring widespread uptake and market access of their combination therapy."

The exorbitant rise in cost of cancer treatment and the debate over value is at the heart of Decision Resources Group's oncology product offerings. For insights into the game-changing trends that will shape tomorrow's oncology market, look to Spectrum's streamlined strategic analysis. For insight to optimize market access strategy, check out Physician and Payer Forum with primary market research from physicians and payers

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