Imaging agents constitute a highly profitable pharmaceutical market that has been vigorously expanding for nearly two decades and that will likely continue to do so despite generic erosion. Constant and significant agent innovations have kept this industry segment growing and make it a highly promising market for investors. Cutting-Edge Imaging Agents and Their Commercial Opportunities is a new DR Reports publication from Decision Resources, Inc., that evaluates the latest developments that will continue to drive growth in this dynamic marketplace.

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Schering AG is securing its leadership position in the MRI contrast media market with MS-325, which the company will codevelop and market with Epix Medical. In June 2000, Schering obtained worldwide sales and marketing rights (excluding Japan, where Daiichi had already licensed the compound) for MS-325 (formerly Mallinckrodt's AngioMark) from Epix Medical. Epix developed this intravascular MR agent for imaging blood vessels and blood flow in patients with cardiovascular disease, including peripheral vascular disease.

Schering has announced that the company will launch MS-325 for imaging peripheral vascular disease in 2003, and it expects annual sales to be $115 million. Phase II trials for diagnosing coronary artery disease and a Phase II breast cancer trial have been completed. Enrollment for the first Phase III trial is complete and results are expected in early 2002. Additionally, Pfizer is supporting a Phase II study of MS-325 for diagnosing female sexual arousal dysfunction. The product is also in preclinical trials for diagnosing atherosclerosis and myocardial perfusion.

Cutting-Edge Imaging Agents and Their Commercial Opportunities is a DR Reports publication from Decision Resources, Inc. This report is available for $4,250.00

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