Although many people still view obesity as the result of a lack of willpower, a growing body of evidence presents this condition as a complex, chronic disease. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are exceedingly difficult for many overweight and obese individuals. Obesity, a new report from Decision Resources, offers invaluable market intelligence to pharmaceutical companies that are developing drugs to treat this disease.

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Of the therapies in development, the most interesting is Axokine, a drug from Regeneron in Phase III trials. Trial results suggest that Axokine may be the first obesity drug to cause weight loss after people stop taking the drug. We estimate peak-year sales of Axokine in the range of $150-300 million. Some physicians also express interest in the potential use of GlaxoSmithKline's depression and smoking cessation agent, bupropion, for obesity.

The United States will remain the largest and most dynamic market for weight-loss drugs because of the staggering number of obese and overweight individuals and better acceptance of drug treatment for obesity. The majority of weight-loss drug sales will occur in the United States, with the U.S. market representing 74% of sales in 2000, 76% in 2005, and 80% in 2010.

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