InterStudy Publications, a division of Decision Resources, Inc., announces the release of the InterStudy MSA Profiler 13.1. The MSA Profiler database allows users to identify dominant HMOs by market share in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).

The MSA Profiler 13.1 illustrates a metropolitan market's overall managed care statistics by showing total HMO, commercial, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, as well as the uninsured population. For each of the nation's 331 MSAs, the database provides detailed information on HMO enrollment, market penetration, revenue, and expenses.

In previous versions of the MSA Profiler, profiles where only produced for MSAs that contained HMO enrollment. Now users can get the complete overview of managed care statistics regardless of the MSA's HMO market composition.

"Our new feature relates to commercial HMO and non-HMO lives," said Lance Wolkenbrod, database specialist for InterStudy Publications. "You can now find out which HMO has the most commercial enrollees as well as who has the most HMO overall enrollment."

The MSA Profiler 13.1 has a newly updated MSA Profile Viewer. This interactive HTML map provides formatted MSA profiles that display the HMOs present in each metropolitan area along with market share and demographic information.

The data in the MSA Profiler database is based on The National HMO Census collected by InterStudy twice a year. InterStudy Publications, a firm specializing in research and reports for market driven health, releases the MSA Profiler semiannually with data points as of January 1st and July 1st.

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