Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, finds that the influenza therapeutic drug market is constrained by reimbursement, formulary hurdles, and perceptions of low efficacy of current antivirals. However fears of a future influenza pandemic are driving sales. According to the now available Influenza -- Payer Constraints and Pandemic Fears report, although recent concern over the health impact of an influenza pandemic had increased stockpiling of influenza antivirals in all markets, overall use of influenza antiviral drugs remains low owing to their high cost, inconvenience, and perceived lack of efficacy.

Reimbursement is a hurdle for the influenza drug market as well.

"Despite having failed to achieve reimbursement status in many European Union markets, Roche's Tamiflu is the overwhelmingly dominant product in the market. However, future entrants to this market must demonstrate convincing cost-benefit data to gain favorable reimbursement and widespread usage," said Aaron Woolsey, analyst at Decision Resources.

About Influenza -- Payer Constraints and Pandemic Fears from Decision Resources

Influenza -- Payer Constraints and Pandemic Fears covers the current state of the influenza drug market. The report includes:

  * Analysis of the influenza market driven by qualitative interviews with     KOLs and survey data from high prescribing physicians defining their     target product profile.   * Assessment of the influenza market including diagnosed and drug-treated     populations, patient share/market share projections, cost per day and     compliance estimates.   * Discussion of the opportunity for drug developers given the market's     relatively large, seasonal patient population, limited efficacy of     current therapies and heightened concerns over influenza epidemic.   * Examination of payer reluctance to reimburse antivirals for influenza     and the reimbursement outlook for drugs with improved efficacy.  

The report can be purchased by contacting Decision Resources. Members of the media may request a complimentary copy.

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