Decision Resources, a global leader in research and advisory services focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, and PharMetrics, a leading provider of health care market intelligence solutions and analytic insights to the pharmaceutical industry, finds that first-line use of insulin for treatment of type 2 diabetes is increasing. Data from DecisionMETRICS -- Type 2 Diabetes, an online tool combining epidemiological, patient-level, and primary market research data from Decision Resources and PharMetrics, show that 4.5% of patients treated for type 2 diabetes receive insulin as a first-line therapy.

Early use of insulin may indicate that there are a larger percentage of patients who are diagnosed at later stages of the disease, or it may indicate that physicians are becoming more aggressive in their treatment of milder cases by adding insulin early. According to the 150 primary care physicians and endocrinologists surveyed as part of DecisionMETRICS -- Type 2 Diabetes, both physician groups projected a 10-15% increase in their first- and second- line use of insulin in the next two years.

"Small increases in early use of this class of drugs translates into a long-term growth opportunity for revenues, given that once a patient is placed on insulin, the majority remain on it for life," said Andrew Merseth, analyst at Decision Resources. "Also, a small increase in insulin use in the type 2 diabetes market has 10 times the impact of a similar increase in the type 1 diabetes market where insulin is traditionally used, given the difference in the size of the two populations."

Patient segmentation reveals that the type 2 diabetics who are most likely to be given insulin are those with comorbid hypertension or dyslipidemia likely because these patients are the ones in greatest need of the more stringent blood glucose control that insulin provides.

"By combining patient-level data and primary market research, we were able to provide a rich, accurate picture of treatment patterns in this market," said Daniel Paterson, vice president of marketing and corporate development for PharMetrics. "Such an assessment allows marketers to better design marketing programs aimed at leveraging this long-term growth opportunity."

DecisionMETRICS covers a wide selection of therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, immune and inflammatory diseases, and many more.

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