Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, announces the availability of DecisionBase 2009. DecisionBase is a proprietary data and analysis tool that provides in-depth analysis of unmet need, U.S. and European physician expectations of new therapies and commercial dynamics that help pharmaceutical companies optimize their investments in drug development.

"In response to these changing times, we have revamped our data and analysis tool DecisionBase to better address the needs of the drug industry," stated Danielle Drayton, Ph.D., Director of DecisionBase at Decision Resources. "This year's DecisionBase is a little different from previous years' because we have expanded our primary research to include both U.S. and European physician specialists."

The new tool DecisionBase 2009 provides detailed market share, patient share and price-per-day projections for key current and emerging drugs in 35 indications across the G7 pharmaceutical markets (U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Japan). The forecast is built on evaluation of commercial and clinical drivers that impact the market. These outputs are driven by quantitative and qualitative primary research.

"In the commercial environment we examine pricing, reimbursement, regulatory issues and drug labeling," added Dr. Drayton. "In the clinical environment, we evaluate clinical differentiators of key current and emerging therapies, factors that influence prescribing decisions and drug choice, patient population, country-specific medical practice and current therapies' impact on quality of life measures."

  Indications covered in DecisionBase 2009 include:     Cardiovascular   --  Acute Heart Failure   --  Atrial Fibrillation   --  Coronary Heart Disease (Stable Angina)   --  NSTEMI (Non-ST-Elevated Myocardial   --  Infarction)   --  STEMI (ST-Elevated Myocardial   --  Infarction)   --  Venous Thromboembolism    CNS   --  Alzheimer's Disease (Mild-to-Moderate)   --  Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder   --  Bipolar Depression   --  Cognitive Impairment Associated with   --  Schizophrenia   --  Epilepsy   --  Multiple Sclerosis (Relapsing-Remitting)   --  Parkinson's Disease    High Profile Diseases   --  Erectile Dysfunction    Infectious Diseases   --  Hepatitis C   --  HIV   --  Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia    Immune & Inflammatory Diseases   --  Asthma   --  Atopic Dermatitis   --  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease   --  Crohn's Disease   --  Psoriasis   --  Rheumatoid Arthritis   --  Ulcerative Colitis    Metabolic   --  Type 1 Diabetes   --  Type 2 Diabetes    Oncology   --  Breast Cancer (HER2-Positive)   --  Breast Cancer (Metastatic Triple Negative)   --  Glioma (High Grade)   --  Malignant Melanoma (Stage IV)   --  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Relapsed/Refractory)   --  Prostate Cancer (Metastatic, Hormone Refractory)   --  Prostate Cancer (Stage III)   --  Renal Cell Carcinoma (Metastatic)    Pain   --  Chronic Low Back Pain     About Decision Resources 

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