Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms for pharmaceutical and health care issues, finds that primary care physicians (PCPs) are more inclined than specialists to prescribe fixed-combination therapies for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Psychiatrists are more limited in their use of such therapies, with 78% saying they "rarely" or "never" use fixed combinations, according to a new PhysicianForum report entitled Fixed Combination Therapies for the Treatment of CNS Disorders: Analysis of Current Trends and Future Prospects.

"Sixty-eight percent of primary care physicians report using fixed- combinations for CNS disorders 'frequently' or 'very frequently,' while 46% of neurologists and only 22% of psychiatrists report this level of use," said Alice von Loesecke, Ph.D., analyst at Decision Resources.

Surveyed physicians also differ in their opinion of which CNS disorders pharmaceutical companies should develop fixed-combination pills for. "Developing a novel combination pill for treating depression and anxiety is the #1 choice for psychiatrists and primary care physicians because they commonly treat patients that suffer from both disorders. Neurologists prefer a different approach-treating depression and Alzheimer's disease with a single pill-based on their unique patient pool," continued Dr. von Loesecke.

Fixed-Combination Therapies for the Treatment of CNS Disorders: Analysis of Current Trends and Future Prospects is based on a U.S. survey of 18 HMO pharmacy directors, 50 primary care physicians, 50 neurologists, and 50 psychiatrists. Their responses were compared to assess similarities and differences of opinion regarding clinical, economic, and scientific factors.

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