Join venture capitalist Alexander Young in a live teleconference on Wednesday, April 10, 2002, at 1:00 PM (EST) to discuss his latest report, "Corporate Investment and Business Trends in Drug Discovery," published in Decision Resources' Spectrum series.

  (Photo: )    * Which factors are driving consolidation within the biotech industry and     the increased number of high-value, risk-sharing pharma-biotech     megadeals?   * Which trends in biotechnology and finance will influence drug discovery     over the next decade?   * Which technologies and business sectors will influence drug discovery     over the coming decade?  

One of the most salient trends of 2001 is consolidation within the biotechnology industry. The ability of biotech companies to strike merger and acquisition deals results from their increased access to capital through new product commercialization and the formation of high-value, risk-sharing alliances with pharmaceutical companies. These pharma-biotech megadeals-driven by pharmaceutical companies' need for access to genomics-based drug discovery technology-are providing biotech firms much-needed licensing fees, equity investments, and milestone payments.

Dr. Young's report examines the strong consolidation trend that formed in 2001, and discusses high-value, risk-sharing megadeals between pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. The report also identifies trends in biotechnology dealmaking and finance, and the development of technologies and business sectors that will influence drug discovery throughout the coming decade.

For a limited time, Dr. Young's report and access to his live teleconference discussion are available for $499. To register for this event, contact David Fleming at Decision Resources, Inc. Phone (781) 296-2596; E-mail:

Alexander Young, Ph.D., is president of Mirabila, an organization that contracts business development and strategic planning for venture capital firms, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies. Dr. Young has also led venture capital investments for financial institutions including The Audax Group's $500 million private equity fund. For MPM Capital, Dr. Young helped Bayer to determine its long-term business strategy, which resulted in the $465 million genomics-based drug discovery alliance with Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Young has experience in starting biotechnology companies and has worked for both biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.

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