Will Pharma Benefit from Negative Stent Studies?                      What's Next for the Stent Market?  

WALTHAM, Mass., -- Bina Mistry from Millennium Research Group and Nikhil Mehta from Decision Resources, are available to discuss the impact of the recent activities in the drug-eluding stent market and how it will affect the pharmaceutical industry.

Bina Mistry, analyst at Millennium Research Group and author of US Markets for Interventional Cardiology Devices 2007 can answer the following questions:

    -- Once the dust settles on recent negative findings, what is next for        players in the drug-eluding stent market?      -- Can you really compare the usage of drug-eluding stents (opening a        vessel) with medical management through drugs (merely treating the        symptoms of a closing vessel)?      -- What should physicians be most concerned with?      -- Will upcoming new drug-eluding stents from Abbott Vascular and        Medtronic shift market share away from Boston Scientific and J&J or        has the stent market taken too much of a beating?  

Nikhil Mehta, analyst at Decision Resources and author of numerous cardiovascular drug market reports can answer the following questions:

    -- How will the 17 million people in the G7 markets diagnosed with        stable angina be affected by the recent stent news?      -- Will pharma benefit from the stent market's news? Will there be any        branded drugs that experience uptake or only generics?      -- When quality of life measurements are taken into account, will it        change the impact of the COURAGE results?      -- Will the reaction to the stent study findings differ by country?  

To speak with Ms. Mistry and Mr. Mehta, please contact Liz Marshall at 781-296-2563 or emarshall@dresources.com.

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