Pharmaceutical companies are turning to drug delivery technologies as a strategy to offset patent expiries that threaten to scuttle an estimated $25-30 billion in revenue and slow these companies' 10-15% annual sales growth.

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Can new and improved formulations of blockbuster drugs sustain pharmaceutical company revenues? The success or failure of these products will have a strong influence on the future of both pharmaceutical companies and the drug delivery industry.

Drug Delivery: Market Drivers, Technologies, and Companies, a DR Reports publication from Decision Resources, Inc., provides comprehensive coverage:

  -- Describes drug delivery technologies and key products.   -- Profiles leading drug delivery companies.   -- Explores industry trends including alliances and acquisitions.   -- Explains the importance of life-cycle management.   -- Identifies market drivers.   -- Outlines growth strategies.   -- Points to areas of opportunity-for example, drug delivery alternatives      for biopharmaceuticals and chemotherapies.    Products to Watch 

A particular highlight in this report is our review of five "products to watch" for their potential impact on the drug delivery industry, which is now valued at more than $40 billion and promises to be the fastest-growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Drug Delivery: Market Drivers, Technologies, and Companies is available for $5,250 in print and electronic format.

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