With the EMEA's approval of two more biosimilar products, competition among erythropoiesis-stimulating proteins (ESPs) in Europe is about to start heating up for existing key brands. Stada, Hospira, and Sandoz represent significant threats to existing ESP brands such as Johnson & Johnson's Eprex, Roche's NeoRecormon, and Amgen's Aranesp as they launch across Europe in 2008.

Having just published Biogenerics 2007-2016: Physician and Payer Acceptance Fuels Brand Erosion, which included primary research with over 300 U.S. and European specialists, Senior Analyst Andrew Merseth is available to comment on the impact these biosimilars will have on branded ESPs in Europe.

  For those reporters covering this topic, Mr. Merseth can discuss:    -- Main drivers and constraints of biosimilars in Europe    -- Expected adoption timelines of biosimilar ESPs by European solid-tumor      oncologists and hematologist-oncologists    -- European specialists' expected use of biosimilar ESPs in treatment-      naive solid-tumor and hematology oncology patients    -- European specialists' anticipated switching of solid-tumor and      hematology oncology patients from branded ESPs to biosimilar ESPs    -- The evolution of branded and biosimilar ESP pricing in Europe    -- The sales impact of this emerging biosimilar threat  

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