Blue Cross And Blue Shield Plans Show Strong Local Success In Medicare Part D

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While all the Medicare Part D buzz has been about the large memberships of national players UnitedHealth Group and Humana, the untold story is that in certain states, other local plans have very high Part D membership as well. HealthLeaders-InterStudy can shed some light on how local plans around the country are doing in terms of their Part D membership and why some appear so competitive with the major players.

  States with a particularly strong local Medicare Part D plan include:    -Illinois (Illinois Blues)   -Iowa (Iowa Blues)   -Kansas (Kansas Blues)   -Massachusetts (Massachusetts Blues)   -Michigan (Michigan Blues)   -Minnesota (Minnesota Blues)   -Montana (Montana Blues)   -Nebraska (Nebraska Blues)   -New Jersey (Horizon BCBS)   -North Dakota (North Dakota Blues)   -Oklahoma (Oklahoma Blues)   -Pennsylvania (Highmark BCBS)   -South Dakota (South Dakota Blues)   -Utah (Regence BCBS)    About HealthLeaders-InterStudy 

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