Decision Resources, Inc., announces the publication of Malignant Melanoma, a new study that evaluates the market prospects for current and emerging drugs to treat this disease over a 2000-2010 forecast period. Immense commercial and academic effort is now focused on the development of novel and improved agents for the treatment of melanoma. The most promising agent in late-stage development is pegylated interferon-alpha 2b, a modified, long-acting interferon-alpha 2b.

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The current mainstay of adjuvant therapy for the treatment of malignant melanoma is interferon-alpha 2b (Schering-Plough's Intron A), a poorly tolerated compound that requires three injections per week. However, a modified version of this standard therapy-pegylated interferon-alpha 2b (Schering-Plough's PEG-Intron)-is in advanced development. PEG-Intron is a long-acting interferon-alpha 2b that is better tolerated and requires only once-weekly injections. If it is found effective, we anticipate that PEG- Intron would rapidly replace interferon-alpha 2b, particularly in countries such as the United States, where high-dose interferon-alpha 2b is considered standard adjuvant therapy for stage IIB and stage III patients. In countries where high-dose interferon-alpha 2b is not standard adjuvant therapy, the improved tolerability of PEG-Intron is likely to encourage high-dose administration. In price-sensitive markets, however, the high cost of PEG- Intron may restrict its use.

PEG-Intron is currently in Phase III trials for treatment of stage III melanoma. In Europe, five years of treatment with PEG-Intron is being compared with observation; in the United States, researchers are planning a trial that will compare the efficacy of PEG-Intron with that of unmodified interferon- alpha 2b. PEG-Intron has already been approved in the United States and Europe for treatment of hepatitis C virus infection.

Malignant Melanoma offers invaluable market intelligence to pharmaceutical companies that are developing drugs to treat this disease. This study is part of Onkos, one of six Pharmacor services available from Decision Resources that evaluate the commercial potential of drugs in research and development.

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