Decision Resources, a global leader in research and advisory services focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, and PharMetrics, a leading provider of health care market intelligence solutions and analytic insights to the pharmaceutical industry, announced today a partnership that will enhance the way pharmaceutical companies analyze their disease markets.

The partnership will result in a new interactive product called DecisionMETRICS™ that will allow pharmaceutical organizations to:

   -- Accurately assess potential market size and identify untapped patient    populations.    -- Identify key leverage points that can be used to effectively position    a product.    -- Identify patient groups that provide the most opportunity, and refine    messaging to drive desired patient behaviors.    -- Assess the impact of emerging therapies and anticipate future dynamics    in the marketplace to take preemptive action.  

"One of PharMetrics' key strengths is its unique patient-centric database that provides insights into how physicians are treating patients. By combining PharMetrics rich data sets with Decision Resource's analysis and interviews with thought leading physicians, we can provide our biopharmaceutical clients with a more in-depth view of what is truly happening in a disease market and why, to more accurately project what is most likely to occur in the next two years," said Sarah Fuller, president of Decision Resources.

"The beauty of DecisionMETRICS is that it combines epidemiological, patient-level, and primary market research data into one comprehensive package," said Michael Weintraub, president and CEO, PharMetrics. "Whereas pharmaceutical marketers normally spend a lot of time reconciling these data sources themselves, DecisionMETRICS has already done the work for them."

DecisionMETRICS will cover a wide selection of therapeutic areas including metabolic diseases, central nervous system disorders, immune and inflammatory diseases, and many more.

About PharMetrics

Based in Watertown, Massachusetts, PharMetrics is a leading provider of market intelligence solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and health plan sectors of the market utilizing anonymous patient-centric data. PharMetrics strictly adheres to the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), only accepting 'encrypted' (anonymous) data from its network of over 80 health plans around the country who have removed all individually identifiable health information such as patient names, addresses and phone numbers, and dates of birth from their data. In exchange for the data, PharMetrics provides the payor organizations with focused analyses and normative products that enable them to improve the efficiency of their members' use of pharmaceuticals and other services as well as the quality of the care that they provide to all of their members. For more information about PharMetrics, visit, email, or call 800-783-6362.

About Decision Resources

Decision Resources, Inc., ( is a world leader in research publications, advisory services, and consulting designed to help clients shape strategy, allocate resources, and master their chosen markets. For more than two decades, the company has provided in-depth research on the trends, emerging developments, and market opportunities in the biopharmaceutical and managed health care industries. Companies ranging from global pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders to start-ups turn to Decision Resources for information, analyses, and advice in making critical research, licensing, and marketing decisions. Major investors in Decision Resources include Boston Ventures ( and Castanea Partners (

  For more information, contact:    Elizabeth Marshall                      Taryn Foniri    Decision Resources, Inc.                PharMetrics, Inc.    781-296-2563                            617-972-8590 x350       

SOURCE: Decision Resources, Inc.

CONTACT: Elizabeth Marshall of Decision Resources, Inc.,
+1-781-296-2563,; or Taryn Foniri of PharMetrics,
Inc., +1-617-972-8590 ext. 350,

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