Decision Resources and Millennium Research Group find that Biogen Idec must carefully position its two multiple sclerosis drugs, Avonex and Tysabri, to maximize the patient share of both drugs. According to the new report entitled Brands & Strategies: Multiple Sclerosis, Tysabri is expected to be used almost exclusively as a second-line or later treatment option due to its new labeling, which recommends the drug only for patients who have failed to respond to at least one other multiple sclerosis therapy. In order to maximize the sales potential of Tysabri, it will be important for Biogen Idec to position the drug as the first alternative should a patient fail to respond to their initial multiple sclerosis treatment. This would allow Biogen Idec to start patients on Tysabri much sooner than if those patients were to first try switching between various interferon-beta brands and Teva Pharmaceuticals' Copaxone before considering Tysabri.

"Biogen Idec will continue positioning Avonex as the first choice for multiple sclerosis therapy and make Tysabri the first alternative, rather than a high-dose interferon or Teva's Copaxone, should patients fail while taking Avonex," said Craig Speziali, analyst at Millennium Research Group. "This strategy should be effective in maximizing revenues from Biogen Idec's entire multiple sclerosis franchise while potentially capturing patient share away from competitors."

The new report is the first in a series from Decision Resources and Millennium Research Group that reveals critical commercial and competitive analysis at the market, brand, and company level. It is the first initiative between the two companies since Decision Resources bought Millennium Research Group in February of 2006. Brands & Strategies: Multiple Sclerosis covers:

  * How leading competitors have positioned their brands for success   * Which multiple sclerosis drugs will continue to succeed in the market   * The launch and level of uptake of biosimilar interferon-beta in the     major markets and which branded drugs will be most affected   * Tysabri's impact on the market and the effect safety concerns have on     its commercial success   * New drugs entering the market between 2005 and 2010 and products being     developed in the major multiple sclerosis competitors' pipelines    About Brands & Strategies 

Brands & Strategies is the first and only report series to bring together all the competitive information elements biopharmaceutical companies need to make informed decisions about their own products and next-steps. Each report includes:

  * Brand-specific, event-driven, five-year annualized market forecast   * Country-specific market share projections by brand and impacts of future     events   * Drug class sales by country   * Brand sales by region   * Projected price for all drugs for five years   * Generic pricing impact on all drugs   * Prevalence and diagnosis rates by country   * Promotional spend for each product   * Pipeline analysis by company within a specific disease   * SWOT analysis on each brand   * Clinical trial reviews and clinical trial competitive analysis   * Detailed brand strategy and how it relates to clinical trial results   * Impact of Medicare   * Selling strategies based on clinical trials    About Millennium Research Group 

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