Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, published a new report today that highlights the significant clinical and commercial potential of ion-channel modulators in treating central nervous system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. The report, entitled Ion-Channel Modulators: Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities, predicts that Cardiome Pharma, D-Pharm, and Dendreon, among others, are all companies to watch in the exciting and emerging field of ion- channel drug development. The report also contains a special contribution from Nature Reviews Drug Discovery with interviews of leading researchers detailing their views of the future of ion-channel R&D.

"Emerging ion-channel modulators have significant potential in Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, acute ischemic stroke, atrial fibrillation, migraine prophylaxis, and breast cancer," said Sylvia Marecki, Ph.D., analyst at Decision Resources. "Ion-channel modulators represent a tremendous clinical and commercial opportunity for biopharmaceutical organizations because these agents have potential applications across many attractive therapeutic areas. A clearer understanding of ion-channel structure and function, driven by recent technological and scientific advances, will continue to drive R&D of this class of drugs."

The report also explores the impact that new experimental breakthroughs in x-ray structure analysis, high-throughput electrophysiological screening, and animal model systems will have on the current bottlenecks in the development of pharmaceuticals directed at ion channels.

Ion-Channel Modulators: Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities is produced by Decision Resources in association with Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. Decision Resources provides an analysis of the business landscape and market opportunities in relevant disease indications, while Nature Reviews Drug Discovery provides the views of leading authorities on a number of issues of fundamental importance to ion-channel research. The report features 20 interviews conducted by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery with leading academic experts on the subject of ion channels, providing timely insight into the directions of ion-channel research and how this research will impact drug discovery and development in the future.

About the Report

Ion-Channel Modulators: Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities is a special Pathways and Processes report benefiting from the partnership between Decision Resources and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. Published by Decision Resources, the Pathways and Processes series focuses on cellular and molecular pathways, providing insight into cutting-edge developments relating to drug targets with the potential to significantly change treatment practice and impact multiple pharmaceutical markets. By integrating focused interviews from leading academic experts with market analysis in multiple indications, Ion-Channel Modulators: Emerging Therapeutic Opportunities investigates the potential scientific and business opportunities of the next generation of targeted therapies.

About Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery is a monthly review journal that publishes authoritative, peer-reviewed articles by leaders in the field--providing a complete overview of the drug discovery and development arena, from disease mechanisms and chemistry through to clinical development and regulatory issues. The journal, which integrates academia and industry, features cutting- edge review articles and highlights of the latest primary papers, as well as opinion articles and historical perspectives. For more information, visit

About Decision Resources

Decision Resources is a world leader in research publications, advisory services, and consulting designed to help clients shape strategy, allocate resources, and master their chosen therapeutic markets. The company has provided strategic information services for more than 30 years, and assesses international pharmaceutical and health care industry trends. Visit Decision Resources at

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