BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Decision Resources Group finds that the laparoscopic device market in the United States will increase to a value of over $4.3 billion by 2023. Growth will be primarily driven by expansion in the large direct energy device market. In particular, premium-priced advanced direct energy devices will be increasingly adopted due to the advantages they offer and as new products are launched.

Other key findings from Decision Resources Group's coverage of the U.S. laparoscopic device market:

  • Internal closure devices: The direct energy device market will surpass the internal closure device market to become the largest laparoscopic device segment by 2019. Internal closure device revenues have been limited by the increasing commoditization and reprocessing of these products. Furthermore, the uptake of direct energy devices has limited demand for clip appliers, which represent a large proportion of internal closure device revenues.
  • Laparoscopic morcellators: The laparoscopic morcellator market has been significantly negatively impacted by a campaign from a U.S. doctor, claiming that morcellation increases the likelihood of uterine cancer spreading undetected. In April 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration supported this claim by issuing a release discouraging the use of laparoscopic morcellation. In response, Ethicon exited the market in July, and procedure volumes have declined sharply.
  • Gastric bands: Although Apollo Endosurgery intended to revitalize gastric banding after acquiring the LAP-BAND product line from Allergan, the gastric band market will continue to decline through 2023. Sleeve gastrectomy will continue replace gastric banding due to better patient outcomes and its lower long-term costs.

Comments from Decision Resources Group Senior Analyst Manya Aggarwal:

  • "The adoption of premium-priced devices will continue to support revenues in the U.S. laparoscopic device market. Hospitals have demonstrated that they are willing to pay more for many types of specialized laparoscopic devices, like advanced direct energy devices such as the Enseal G2 and the Harmonic Ace+Shears, which offer advantages over their traditional counterparts."
  • "Because of the greater use of ultrasonic energy devices, powered surgical devices and lasers in laparoscopic surgery, smoke in the operating room has become more of a problem. As a result, passive smoke removal devices will be increasingly used during laparoscopic surgery. These products do, however, face competition from suction/irrigation devices because some have smoke removal functionality."

Additional Resources:

  • Manya Aggarwal has written a Medtech 360 report on this subject entitled US Markets for Laparoscopic Devices 2015.
  • Decision Resources Group's Marketrack, which provides market share data by brand for the laparoscopic device market, can be found here.

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