Decision Resources, one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and healthcare issues, estimates that sales of hepatitis B virus (HBV) therapeutics in China, the world's largest HBV drug market, surpassed those of the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined, in 2005. According to the new Emerging Markets - China report entitled Hepatitis B in China, with 10% of China's population infected with HBV and expected increases in diagnosis and drug-treatment rates, the market will double by 2010.

The new Hepatitis B in China report also finds that contrary to common modes of disease transmission in the United States and Western Europe (sexual transmission and contact with contaminated blood), the vast majority of Chinese with HBV were infected through mother-to-child transmission during or soon after birth. This factor has led to sustained disease prevalence amongst the population and has a strong influence on the market. "HBV in the United States and Western Europe typically leads to complications that force diagnosis and treatment later in life," said Aaron Woolsey, Ph.D., analyst at Decision Resources. "In China, because of the high infant infection rate and long-term nature of this infection, these complications can occur much earlier in life, prompting diagnosis and treatment at an earlier age. Because many HBV antivirals are prescribed as long-term maintenance therapy, the early-age diagnosis in China may elongate the overall therapeutic life-cycle of individual antivirals."

This new report from Decision Resources assesses the commercial opportunity in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for hepatitis B based on population dynamics, economic development, disease epidemiology, and changing physicians' practices. Key elements of each report in our Emerging Markets - China series include:

  * Accurate sizing of the patient population with access to Western     medicine   * Projections for future patient populations based on trends in lifecycle,     urbanization, and economic status   * Current treatment patterns and drivers of choice   * Physician-defined unmet needs in diagnosing and treating the disease   * Disease-specific pricing and reimbursement environment   * Key drivers of market growth    About Emerging Markets - China 

Emerging Markets - China is the first and only syndicated report series focusing on this high-growth emerging market with comprehensive disease-specific analysis. With these reports, biopharmaceutical companies gain the following:

  * A more accurate assessment of the commercial opportunity for Western     brands in China.   * An understanding of physician treatment patterns and drivers of choice     in key urban areas, based on primary research.   * A clear, five-year, drug-level market forecast, which is broken out by     sales of multinationals and sales by China-based companies.    About Decision Resources 

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