Dr. Sylvia Eash, Ph.D., analyst at Decision Resources, is available to discuss the impact of the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) possible approval of Merck's Isentress, the first integrase inhibitor drug which blocks the ability of the HIV virus to replicate and infect new cells.

Integrase inhibitors are a novel class of HIV drugs aimed at a previously unexploited viral target. They are a key new class that will expand therapeutic options for HIV patients and stand out as one of the most promising emerging classes in development for HIV. The reported efficacy and safety data from clinical trials of Isentress indicate that the product is highly efficacious, safe, well tolerated in both treatment-naive and treatment-experienced HIV patients. The clinical data on Isentress presented to date suggests that there is significant opportunity for follow-on agents in this new class of HIV drugs.

Isentress is expected to launch during the fourth quarter of 2007, according to Merck.

  Dr. Eash can provide:    -- Insight on the class of integrase inhibitors and particularly Isentress      and its potential effect on other drugs in the HIV market.   -- Key factors that will have an impact on Isentress's uptake and use. How      will Isentress be positioned in the lines of HIV treatment?   -- The main drivers and barriers for its use. What is the forecast for      Isentress? Which drugs will be its main competition?   -- Key thought leaders' perceptions about Isentress.   -- Isentress's impact on the HIV market and on the overall HIV therapeutic      approach.  

Sylvia Eash, Ph.D., is an analyst with Decision Resources Infectious Disease group, where she evaluates emerging therapies and develops market forecasts. She has a doctoral degree in pathobiology from Brown University. Dr. Eash is the author of several peer-reviewed primary literature and review articles, and she is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the International Society of Neurovirology.

To talk with Dr. Eash, please contact Erica Ames at 781-296-2583 or eames@dresources.com.

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