Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, announced today that disease susceptibility testing will account for one-third of the total post-genomics diagnostics revenues for 2002. According to a new report from Decision Resources, Post-Genomics Diagnostics, combined sales of post-genomics disease susceptibility, prognosis, and monitoring assays will account for 90% of the 2002 total market. However, use of pharmacogenomic and diagnostic assays will grow quickly, and by 2007 they will account for 53% of the market.

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"The genomics market has become more exciting as scientists are finding ways to determine, based on the genetic make-up of a person, what diseases they may be susceptible to. The push to commercialization is relatively strong considering the immaturity of the post-genomics diagnostics field; in fact, few products are currently marketed," said Tracy DeGregorio, director of DR Reports at Decision Resources. "If technology-based companies hope to generate operating revenues in the next five years, they will have to climb the value chain."

Diagnostics in the Post-Genomics Era

Genomic sequence and mapping information from the Human Genome Project and Genome Era technologies has facilitated the emergence of post-genomics diagnostics. DNA microarrays occupy a prominent position among these technologies and have yielded new approaches to disease diagnosis because they compare both patterns of gene expression and genotypes in healthy versus diseased individuals. These expression studies promised to deliver new diagnostic markers in much greater abundance and with much better quality than was possible in the pre-genomics era, in addition to yielding a host of new target molecules for drug discovery. Major segments of the post-genomics diagnostics industry include diagnostic assays, disease prognosis and monitoring assays, drug response prediction testing, disease susceptibility testing, and genetic screening for polygenic disorders.

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