Decision Resources and Millennium Research Group have produced a new report that finds that Gilead is overtaking GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as the number one HIV drug company thanks to an innovative product portfolio that includes Atripla, a fixed-dose combination of Gilead's Truvada and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)/Merck's Sustiva creating the first complete one-pill, once-daily HIV therapy. Furthermore, the report finds that Atripla is the top-of-mind antiretroviral among HIV specialists and is the product most requested by patients. Surveyed HIV specialists also indicated that GSK and Gilead were the two top-of-mind companies with regards to HIV treatment.

"Not surprisingly, physicians ranked quality of a company's marketed products as the most important factor in determining their impression of a company, but effective clinical trial design, both pre- and postmarketing, is also very important to physicians' perception, as is product innovation," said Craig Speziali, analyst at Millennium Research Group. "Gilead was ranked 'best' on six of ten factors surveyed, most notably on quality of products."

With two products (Pfizer's Selzentry and Merck's Isentress) from completely novel antiretroviral classes entering the market in 2007, the study also evaluates physician perception and expected use of these products in various scenarios. Both drugs feature novel mechanisms of action and will therefore be competing for use among patients with limited treatment options; however, it will not necessarily be the case that a physician chooses one drug over the other because coadministration of Selzentry and Isentress may well occur in some patients who lack viable alternatives.

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