Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, finds that the pharmaceutical industry has a credibility problem that is compromising its long-term success. According to a new Spectrum special report entitled State of the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2007, despite upcoming new blockbusters and new product opportunities from biotech in 2007, the industry will struggle with the best way to strike a balance between the needs of innovator companies and generics companies and the needs of healthcare consumers and payers.

The report also finds that drug pricing and reimbursement issues are subjects of intense debate in the United States, Japan, and the European Union. The Japanese government has a strong interest in increasing the frequency of drug price revisions from a biennial to an annual schedule. Europe leads the world in assessing the cost effectiveness of drugs, though this practice has most likely contributed to a long-term shift of R&D investments from Europe to the United States.

"Change is in the air for pharmaceutical companies as governments and judiciary work to strike a balance between ongoing business practices, patent laws, and drug price controls," said Catherine Cuddihee, principal director at Decision Resources. "2007 will almost certainly end with harsher regulatory and legislative environments. There has never been a greater need for the pharmaceutical industry to improve its productivity and its credibility-two factors that are intimately connected with its long-term success."

State of the Pharmaceutical Industry, 2007 is available from Decision Resources now and answers the questions:

   -- Many new drugs are set to launch in 2007. What are they, and what are       their sales potential?     -- Legislators, the judiciary, and industry are trying to strike a       balance between the needs of innovator companies and generics       companies and those of health care consumers and payers. What industry       business practices is the legislature planning to address in 2007?     -- Despite the many challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces       today, there remain areas of significant opportunity. What are they,       and how best can industry take advantage of them?     -- Teva is fast becoming one of the most successful pharmaceutical       companies in the world. What has been its strategy for success, and       what is in its future?     -- Multinational pharmaceutical corporations (MPCs) are positioning       themselves to benefit from the powerful growth engines known as BRIC       (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). China holds the leading position       in pharmaceutical market potential over Brazil, Russia, and India.       What makes China so attractive to MPCs?    About Spectrum from Decision Resources 

Spectrum is an executive advisory service that identifies and analyzes key business and technology drivers of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. Available only through Decision Resources, Spectrum is a mix of publications and telephone inquiry access to analysts that provides an "over the horizon" perspective on complex health care issues.

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