Decision Resources, Inc., announces the publication of Psoriasis and Associated Arthropathy, a new study that evaluates the potential of new biologic drugs to satisfy the tremendous unmet treatment needs associated with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

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Competition in the psoriasis treatment environment pits two classes of biologic drugs now in late-stage development-cell-adhesion molecule (CAM) inhibitors and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors-against each other. Two CAM inhibitors (Biogen's alefacept and Genentech/Xoma's hu1124) are racing to be the first CAM inhibitor to market for psoriasis and will be the most commercially successful new drugs for psoriasis during our 2000-2010 forecast period. These agents will be launched by early 2003, and we expect that they will be used to treat at least three times as many patients in the United States and Europe as the emerging TNF inhibitors. CAM inhibitors will dominate because they are likely to be priced much lower than TNF inhibitors; they deliver long-lasting effectiveness that contributes to lower costs and will allow intermittent therapy, unlike the TNF inhibitors, which require continual dosing; and they are eagerly awaited by a very informed dermatology community. We believe that alefacept will dominate the subcutaneously injected hu1124 because it will reach the market first, has attracted greater attention among physicians and, despite its requirement for intravenous administration, will be effective when administered in one or two eight- to ten-week courses per year.

However, TNF inhibitors will be the principal drivers of growth in the PsA drug market. Because of their high prices, TNF inhibitors will gain a foothold in the psoriasis market primarily through use in patients who also have PsA. Immunex/Wyeth-Ayerst's etanercept (administered by subcutaneous injection) will dominate Centocor/Johnson & Johnson's infliximab (administered intravenously) because of route of administration, greater awareness by dermatologists, and more compelling clinical data.

Psoriasis and Associated Arthropathy offers invaluable market intelligence for companies developing drugs to treat these indications. This study is part of the Immune and Inflammatory Disorders portfolio, one of six Pharmacor services that evaluate the commercial potential of drugs in research and development.

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