HealthLeaders-InterStudy, a leading provider of managed care industry intelligence, finds that local, nonprofit HMO plans thrive in Michigan. HMO health plans like Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Michigan, now the largest HMO provider with 17% of the market share, and Henry Ford Health Systems, trailing closely behind with 16% are favored by Michigan's dominate employer -- the automotive industry. This bias makes it particularly difficult for national plans to have an impact on market share.

A comprehensive view of Michigan's managed care landscape is easily revealed in the new Managed Market Surveyor, the first and only online assessment of the competitive intensity of the managed care marketplace at a state, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), and county level. The Managed Market Surveyor's new drill-down mapping user interface allows users to instantly recognize trends that can immediately result in actionable conclusions.

Managed Market Surveyor offers the most comprehensive description of how lives in a geographical region are insured: HMO, PPO, managed Medicare, managed Medicaid, uninsured, or privately insured. The online tool helps big pharma understand how lucrative a geographic region is for the contracting of their prescription drugs and which HMO or PPO would make a good partner. Managed Market Surveyor helps managed care organizations determine if they should or should not partner or acquire competitors in certain areas to gain greater market share.

"With a response rate of more than 81%, Managed Market Surveyor has the numbers to accurately convey the competitive intensity of a region," said Steve Bumpass, director of product development at HealthLeaders-InterStudy. "The data tools that we provide allow our clients to best create accurate action plans. For instance, a pharmaceutical company would use it to better allocate rebates, while a managed care organization may use the data to identify potential acquisition candidates."

New -- Drill Down Mapping Feature: The Market Viewer

The Market Viewer, a new mapping feature in the Managed Market Surveyor, graphically represents complex information such as market share, trends, managed Medicare, and managed Medicaid. Information is revealed in a simple, easy-to-follow map. Just one view uncovers the dominant player, the historic trends of the market players, who's controlling Medicare in a region, and who's controlling Medicaid. The graphical representation of the information makes it easy to be shared across an organization for all to immediately understand the competitive environment within a certain state, MSA, or county.

  The Market Viewer offers the following benefits:     * A comprehensive geographic view of the various markets with the ability      to drill down from state to MSA to county.     * Ease-of-use and flexibility to jump between different geographic views,      allowing users to come to clear conclusions about the data.     * Increased access to quality, easy-to-understand managed care      information across a user organization.    About Managed Market Surveyor 

HealthLeaders-InterStudy Managed Market Surveyor databases provide integrated HMO and PPO enrollment and plan data at the state, county, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) levels. To assure that clients can access the most reliable and accurate information, the data is built from HealthLeaders-InterStudy's renowned county-level HMO and PPO analyses.

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