Decision Resources, Inc., one of the world's leading research and advisory firms focusing on pharmaceutical and health care issues, finds that the pain drug market offers biopharmaceutical companies significant commercial opportunity because of the indication's broad prevalence, high unmet clinical need, and favorable competitive environment. The company also announced its pain study topics for 2005. Topics will include:

   * Fibromyalgia    * Chronic Low Back Pain    * Drug Delivery in Chronic Pain    * Arthritic Pain    Current important issues in the pain drug market include the following:     -- Current pain therapies are often associated with significant       tolerability issues and safety risks, leaving room for novel agents       with superior side-effect profiles and more-convenient delivery       systems.     -- The recent withdrawal of rofecoxib (Pfizer's Vioxx) and the safety       concerns regarding the entire COX-2 inhibitor class opens the door for       emerging pain agents to capitalize on a large patient population       seeking alternative pain treatments.     -- Chronic low back pain alone has a prevalence of more than 30 million       in the G7 markets.  

The Decision Resources' pain portfolio will offer a variety of studies that give pharmaceutical companies and biotechs a comprehensive view of individual pain topics. The series will cover current and emerging therapies, and provide detailed patient-based market forecasts and direct insights from primary care physicians and specialists.

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