Analysts often characterize the imaging market as mature and possessing little opportunity for growth. However, this situation is changing: demand and development focus are shifting to noninvasive, cost-effective, early screening of diseases and medical conditions, breathing new life into many imaging market segments. Drug target identification and validation, lead compound selection, proof-of-principle evaluation, dose and regimen setting, and regulatory support are areas in which imaging can play key roles in the evaluation of drug-induced disease modification and function, making current cutting-edge imaging modalities worth their expense and technical difficulty.

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Reviewing the major products and players, Cutting Edge Imaging Agents and Their Commercial Opportunities, a DR Reports publication from Decision Resources, Inc, presents a study of the current market and analyzes the trends expected over the coming decade.

The report finds that 41% of the total $3.7 billion imaging agent sales in 2000 were generated in North America, 35% in Japan, 19% in Europe, and 5% in other parts of the world. It also estimates that in 2000, the worldwide corporate market shares for imaging agents were 35% for the market leader, Amersham Health, 19% for Bracco, 15% for Mallinckrodt (now Tyco), 13% for Schering, 10% for DuPont (now Bristol-Myers Squibb), and 8% for all others.

The intense merger and acquisition activity of the past few years has further consolidated and strengthened the positions of the three dominant players in the imaging field: Amersham Health, Schering AG, and Bracco. The smaller, independent companies that have a strong or exclusive focus on imaging agents-Advanced Magnetics, Alliance Pharmaceuticals, Draximage, Epix Medical, Guerbet, and Immunomedics-all have one or several codevelopment and marketing agreements in place with one of the three major imaging companies. These partnerships could ultimately lead to the acquisition of some of the smaller firms.

Cutting Edge Imaging Agents and Their Commercial Opportunities is available for $5,250 in print and electronic format.

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