The stage is set for dramatic changes in the hyperlipidemia drug market. Approaches to the treatment of hyperlipidemia will become more aggressive over the next five years as a result of new guidelines that redefine at-risk groups, the introduction of novel therapies, and the shift in reimbursement decisions for products based on weighing their short-term and long-term clinical effects against their cost. Decision Resources, Inc., in partnership with MedPanel, Inc., announces the publication of PhysicianForum-Treating Hyperlipidemia in the United States: A Discussion of Evolving Medical Practice, a primary-research-based study that offers a vital enhancement to the strategic decision-making process of companies vying for a competitive position in the face of these developments.

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The participants surveyed in PhysicianForum-Treating Hyperlipidemia in the United States: A Discussion of Evolving Medical Practice include a nationwide selection of primary care physicians, hyperlipidemia experts (cardiologists with clinical and research expertise in treating hyperlipidemia), and HMO pharmacy directors from large, independent HMOs. Through a series of professionally moderated online discussions, these participants responded to questions that address critical issues in hyperlipidemia management and debated the key issues driving the hyperlipidemia market today and in the near future; in this report, we provide full text of the discussions and analysis of these viewpoints in the context of present market trends.

  The questions posed to the panelists include the following:   -- What data do physicians rely on when choosing hyperlipidemia therapy?   -- What existing hyperlipidemia products will benefit from these changes      in medical practice?   -- Which novel agents will benefit most?   -- How will managed care budgetary pressures impact physicians' view of      patients eligible for screening and treatment as well as their choice      of therapy? To what extent will cost be an issue with the increased      level of treatment brought on by the new ATP III guidelines? To what      extent are HMOs willing to absorb this cost?   -- Will the withdrawal of cerivastatin influence the addition of new      therapies to HMO formularies?   -- How likely are physicians to switch to generic statins?  

PhysicianForum-Treating Hyperlipidemia in the United States: A Discussion of Evolving Medical Practice is available for $8,000.00.

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